ross round honey comb sections

Ross Round Comb Frame - Double Decker Complete Kit

The All New Ross Round Comb Frame - Double Decker.

If you want to increase the value of your honey crop by about 30%, these Double Deckers are the answer.

This is a complete unit that contains the following: 

  • 1 x Pair of full depth round comb clips
  • 2 x Round comb frames
  • 16 x White round rings

The all new Ross Round Comb Clip attaches 2 round comb frames together to perfectly fit in your standard full depth honey Super. The 8-Frame full depth super comfortably fits 7 paired up sets of Ross Round Comb Double Decker frame sets, while a 10-Frame Super accommodates 8 paired Ross Round Comb Double Decker frame sets.  No need to use odd-depth Supers.

All you need to do is slip in some wax foundation in each frame, and you are away. 

Ross Round Comb Double Decker does not include illustrated wood super.

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