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Just One Bee (Bertini & Lamond)

All it takes is the will to make dreams come true.

JUST ONE BEE is a story of hope, determination and never giving up: the story of One-bee and her dream to revert desolate wastes back to fields of flowers. But to change a desert to meadowland she needs to go it alone because when she comes across another bee, she discovers not only is he hoarding a single precious flower and a queen bee, but he refuses to believe positive change is possible. Other-bee does all he can to quash One-bee's dream. But One-bee’s persistence, patience and optimism eventually prove Other-bee wrong, and she shows him how dreams can come true.

AGES: 4 up

Queen Spotting - Meet The Remarkable Queen

A beautiful hard cover book full of useful information regarding Her Magesty the Queen.

QueenSpotting challenges nature lovers, science fans, and beekeepers alike to ‘spot the queen’.
This highly informative hard cover book celebrates the unique, fascinating life of the queen bee, includes 48 full colour examples of spotting Her Royal Highness. 

The wellbeing of the queen bee is linked to the wellbeing of the entire colony, so the ability to find her among the residents of the hive is an essential beekeeping skill. In QueenSpotting, readers are challenged to spot the queen in vivid up-close photos of her royal highness hidden among her many subjects.

QueenSpotting celebrates the unique, fascinating life of the queen bee. It chronicles royal hive happenings such as The Virgin Death Match, The Nuptual Flight – when the queen mates with a cloud of male drones high in the air – and the dramatic Exodus of the Swarm from the hive.

Format:  Hardback
Size: 178mm x 203mm x 127mm
Pages: 128 plus 48 fold-out photo puzzles.

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