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Bee Suit Replacement Veil Euro Style with drop-down front mesh

NEW:  Now incorporate a spline insert which stops the headpiece from being blown back to your face & nose!

Our bee suit replacement veils are specifically designed to fit Beewise's Cotton, Triple Mesh Bee Suits and Triple Mesh Jackets.
Includes a zippered drop-down front mesh which enables a quick drink without removing the suit or jacket.

For Beewise Suits which range from kids 4XS all the way up to the whopper 7XL. 
Select your suit size when ordering.

$42.00 - $47.00
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Bee Suit Replacement Veil Round Hat
  • The Beewise round veil replacements incorporating a hat are specifically designed to fit Beewise's Cotton, Triple Mesh Bee Suits, Triple Mesh Jackets and Half Suits
  • Provide excellent vission and all-round ventilation
  • For Beewise Suits and Jacket ranging from XS all the way up to the whopper 7XL
Beekeepers Hat - Pith Helmet

This old-fashioned hat will make you the envy of every bee yard.  It looks very pukka combined with a plain veil, and it covers your head and ears, so you won't get sunburn when you are out working your bees in the sun.  Lightweight, with an imitation leather belt to adjust the size to suit your noggin.

Surprisingly comfortable, and also great for gardening!

1800 233 947 or 1800 BEEWISE
Hat Veil combo - round with neck toggle.
  • Round hat veil combo with neck toggle
  • Excellent visibility
  • Ideal for working around the hives if a full beesuit protection not required.
  • Great for keeping pesky flys at bay
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