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Apimaye 10-Frame Pest/Varroa Tray

By applying a small amount of canola oil (or similar) the trap forms a great trap for Small Hive Beetle, Varroa Mite and Wax Moth

The removeable tray that faciliates instant monitoring of hive health.

Apimaye 10F Base for F/Depth & Manley Supers - with Varroa/SHB Tray

A clever base which can be used with Apimaye Supers (Full Depth and Manley)
In corportates all the features of the full Apimaye vented base - entrance closure, pollen trap, pest/varroa tray
Great for utilising spare 10-Frame supers not in use 

Control of Varroa - Detection & Control

This practical guide for the identification and control of Varroa Mite is an essential text for amateur and commercial beekeepers.

It draws from world-wide studies and experience leading to the best practical Varroa Mite control methods


Isopropyl Alcohol (Isopropanol) Varroa Wash & Hard Surface Cleaner / Sterilant 1 litre


Isopropyl Alcohol (isopropanol) is the preferred alcohol for the Varroa Mite & Small Hive Beatle Alcohol Wash.
Works perfectly in the Beewise Varroa Checker 


Lens, Mirrors, Glass, Keyboards, Computer Screens and Equipment

Wipe surface area to be cleaned with clean cloth.
Point and spray onto surface to be cleaned.
Always disconnect power from computer before cleaning.
Always test first on a small area. 

Varroa Check CO2 - Non-Lethal (Includes CO2)

Non-lethal to your bees, the Beewise Varroa Check CO2 is the perfect solution to accurately test and measure varroa levels.
When used with a CO2 cartridge the bees and mites are anesthetised and a quick shake causes the now sleeping mites to fall through the mesh for easy counting.
Once awake, the anesthetised bees can be returned to the hive!

Varroa Checker - Alcohol & Sugar Shake

The Beewise Varroa Checker achieves up to 80% efficiency in detecting varroa mite with a single isopropanol or ethanol wash.
While it may also be used for a sugar shake test, experience in NSW has clearly shown that the isopropanol - ethanol routes are more effective.

See Beewise Isopropyl Alcohol

Varroa Checker - Sugar Shake

Quick and easy to use

Beekeepers simply collect 300 bees and roll them for 2 minutes in the Beewise varroa Checker Sugar Shaker with icing sugar. This encourages bee grooming and dislodges the varroa (if present) for detection.

  • Designed for effectiveness in monitoring varroa levels
  • Quick and easy to use – can be done on all your hives
  • Easily transportable and built to last
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