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Beewise is pleased to be able to serve all levels of beekeeping from the beginner to the largest of commercial beekeepers.

We are devoted to providing the highest quality amateur and commercial Beekeeping products at the lowest practical cost, a commitment that extends to Nucleus and Starter Hives as well as Beewise's specially bred, mated and tested Queens. Our goal is to provide outstanding products and service to make your beekeeping experience pleasant and cost effective.

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news 16 Aug ‘19
Swarm Traps – Bee Prepared

Swarming in Australia tends to start during late August. Swarming results in the loss of your bees and thus reduced production, unless you capture them!

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news 28 Jul ‘19
HRH The Queen

The queen regulates hive behaviour and produces eggs to maintain the colony’s population. She can live for a year or more, whereas the worker bees have life spans as short as five weeks, for they are, well, busy bees, constructing combs, feeding and caring for the brood and queen, cleaning and guarding the hive, regulating nest temperature, foraging for nectar, pollen and water.

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news 26 Jul ‘19
American foulbrood

American foulbrood American foulbrood (AFB) is a fatal bacterial disease of honey bee brood caused by the spore forming bacterium Paenibacillus larvae. It is not a stress related disease and can infect the strongest to the weakest colony in an apiary. Infected brood usually die at the pre-pupal or pupal stage.

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