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50 years experience

Beewise is a family-owned business, with more than 60 years' experience in the beekeeping industry.

Beewise is a science and engineering-based company committed to providing beekeepers throughout Australia with a comprehensive range of quality beekeeping equipment and products, many of which are produced in-house. Our workshop is set up to design and produce custom-made equipment to meet beekeepers' individual requirements.

Our goal is to keep both new and advanced beekeepers well informed of new and innovative techniques and equipment that make their jobs easier and more efficient thus facilitating greater financial reward.

Our Beewise Queens are especially bred, raised and mated to ensure the maximum production of Worker Bees that are docile, good housekeepers, hygienic and excellent foragers. They are the first-choice of many commercial and amateur beekeepers throughout Australia.

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news 15 Aug ‘22
Swarm Traps – Bee Prepared

Swarming in Australia tends to start during late August. Swarming results in the loss of your bees and thus reduced production, unless you capture them!

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news 10 Aug ‘20
Spring is nigh - Prepare your hives for the new season

After a long, cold winter your bees are looking forward to spring which is a period intense activity for bees. Egg-laying, brood-raising, and nectar-gathering all start to ramp up after being almost dormant during winter.

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news 28 Jul ‘19
HRH The Queen

The queen regulates hive behaviour and produces eggs to maintain the colony’s population. She can live for a year or more, whereas the worker bees have life spans as short as five weeks, for they are, well, busy bees, constructing combs, feeding and caring for the brood and queen, cleaning and guarding the hive, regulating nest temperature, foraging for nectar, pollen and water.

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