Cleaners & Lubricants

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Food Safe Lubricating Oil 300mL
Colourless special lubricant with creeping properties for the food industry as well as for the beverage, pharmaceutical and clinical industries

Low-viscosity and colourless special lubricant with creeping properties

  • Excellent lubricating properties in hard-to-reach areas thanks to low viscosity
  • Excellent creeping and cleaning effect ensures optimum protection of machines and conveyor areas exposed to water
  • Economical
  • No visual impairment with occasional contact between the lubricant and product
  • Tasteless and odourless
  • Good material compatibility on various surfaces such as aluminium, stainless steel, plastics compatible with mineral oil e.g. PP, PE, PS, nylon, polycarbonate glass, epoxy glass fabric-base plastics, sealing rings.
  • Displaces water
  • Optimum anti-corrosion properties
  • Resin- and acid-free
  • Resistant to ageing
  • Silicone and AOX-free
  • In this context, the product may come into occasional contact with food
  • Does not harm skin and mucosa
  • Non-toxic
Grease Multi-Purpose 400g
Physiologically inert, colourless grease with a multi-functional combination of additives.
  • Can be used in areas in which food is processed or stored
  • Highly adhesive
  • Squeeze-stable and resistant to oxidation
  • Promotes sealing
  • Resistant to dust and water
  • Resin, acid and silicone-free

Greases are supplied in plastic cartridges. The plastic cartridges improve storage (they prevent the grease from oozing out at high temperature). Store cartridges upright in a cool, dry place! The operating instructions of the vehicle, machinery and assembly manufacturers must be observed!

Hand Cleaner Natural - tub 4L
Cleans and protects at the same time
  • Mild and pleasant odour
  • Can be used several times a day without irritating the skin
  • Free of solvents
  • pH-neutral
  • Biodegradable
  • Cleans hands of bee propolis, oil, grease, ink, bitumen and other stubborn dirt occurring in the industrial sector.
Isopropyl Alcohol (Isopropanol) Varroa Wash & Hard Surface Cleaner / Sterilant 1 litre


Isopropyl Alcohol (isopropanol) is the preferred alcohol for the Varroa Mite & Small Hive Beatle Alcohol Wash.
Works perfectly in the Beewise Varroa Checker 


Lens, Mirrors, Glass, Keyboards, Computer Screens and Equipment

Wipe surface area to be cleaned with clean cloth.
Point and spray onto surface to be cleaned.
Always disconnect power from computer before cleaning.
Always test first on a small area. 

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