nucleus (nuc) & starter hives

Apimaye 7-Frame Starter Hive - 4 Frames Bees & Newly Raised mated tested queen plus 3 FD waxed frames - RTG


The 4-Frame Nuc is already installed in the APIMONDIA Gold Medal winning 7-Frame Apimaye Brood.
By eliminating the need for a 4-Frame Nuc Box you save $60.00.
Bees in the 7-Frame Apimaye hive will travel well, and develop more quickly.

Apimaye 7-Frame F/Depth Brood is just like its Big Brother 10-Frame Apimaye, but lighter

  • Apimaye - 1st place winner in Beehive Innovations Award in Apimondia International Apicultural Congress now in 7-Frame size.
  • Easiest bee hive to work with for both beginners and professional beekeepers. Assembled and doesn't need to be painted. Easy to open and inspect, move or feed the bees, and fighting small hive beetles.
  • Insulated to withstand extreme weather, and designed to prevent moisture buildup inside the beehive. Bees can survive colder winters consuming less honey, and spring build up is much faster.
  • Standard features include screened bottom board perfect for fighting Varroa mite and small hive beetle; split hive entrance with entrance reducers, division/uniting board, and 2 top feeders for left and right side of a split hive
  • You can have a single 7 frame hive or two 3 frame hives with the division board in the center. Perfect for queen rearing and splitting hives for bee sales.
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