extractors auto self turning

14-Frame Königin Electric 12V, 230V Self-Turning Auto Tangential Extractor

A set and walk-away automatic 14-Frame Auto-Turn Cassette Extractor for both Full Depth and WSP Frames.
Offers Full-auto (pre-programmed timing) or semi-auto (without programming)

Delivery additional - to nearest TOLL-IPEC or TNT Depot

Königin is a TÜV Rheinland Certified manufacturer.
Built to German engineering standards Konigin Extractors set a new standard for excellence, which gives Beewise confidence in offering a 2-year warrantee period.

Frame Height Full Depth, WSP
Frame Number 14
Drum diameter 125cm
Basket diameter 1150mm
Cover height 850mm
Outlet height 360mm
Barrel AISI 304SS, 0.8mm
Base, conical AISI 304SS, 1.0mm
Cover AISI 304SS, 0.8mm
Basket AISI 304SS
Hinges AISI 304SS
Honey outlet AISI 304SS
Drive 230V AC, or option 12V DC
Power 370W
Basket rotation 100 – 250rpm
Braking mode Programmed
Controls full-automatic (pre-programmed timing)
Guarantee 2 years
Weight 75kg
Shipment Pallet
Option 12V DC 600W Inverter
Special Price $4,500.00 Regular Price $4,950.00
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