brood & super

Apimaye 10F F/Depth Broods (2) & Manley Supers (2) SUPER HIVE

Apimaye two 10F Full Depth Brood & two Manley Supers
The Ultimate High-Productivity Hive

Wonderful hive where you have an abundance of nectar, and a first quality queen.
Allows excellent brood frame rotation and maximum production with lighter weight supers

Awarded International Apimondia Gold Medal

EverythingA in One Package Includes

  • F/D Broods (2) & Manley Supers (2);
  • Brood Entrance & Closure;
  • Vented Bottom Board;
  • Pollen Trap;
  • Queen Excluder;
  • Top feeder;
  • Stainless (INOX) Lock and Latch Handles;
  • Brood Division & Uniting Board; and
  • Removable bottom tray (Traps Small Hive Beetle when coated with canola oil or used with a sticky board).

A Full Depth Langstroth Frames (20) & Manley Frames (20) additional. Select Apimaye Handy Frames, Beemax Plastic Frames or Wood Frames as you prefer, and we will insert them into the hive. There is no additional freight charge for the inserted frames; they travel for fee!

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