10-frame series

Apimaye 10F F/Depth Brood

Apimaye Full Depth Brood Awarded International Apimondia Gold Medal

EverythingA in One Package Includes

  • Brood;
  • Brood Entrance & Closure (yellow, green, blue);
  • Vented Bottom Board;
  • Pollen Trap;
  • Top feeders (2);
  • Stainless (INOX) Lock and Latch Handles;
  • Brood Division & Uniting Board; and
  • Removable bottom tray (Traps Small Hive Beetle when coated with canola oil or used with a sticky board).

A Full Depth Langstroth Frames (10) additional. Select Apimaye Handy Frames, Beemax Plastic Frames or Wood Frames as you prefer.

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