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Apimaye Propolis Trap 10F - HD Silicone

The 10-Frame Apimaye Propolis Trap is an excellent way to harvest clean propolis from your hive and add extra income. Replace your inner cover with our plastic propolis trap. The bees will fill the grooves of the trap with propolis.

To remove simply put the trap inside a plastic bag and freeze overnight. Being made of silicone they an be rolled up to fit into your freezer.  Once frozen, twist or bang the trap inside the bag against a flat surface to release the propolis.

The Apimaye Propolis Trap is made from quality food-grade silicone (just like kitchen cup cake molds), which make them superior to mats made of poylethylene (PE) or polypropylene PP), so they will not become brittle with age and easily hold their shape for many years.

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