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DRS Uncapper

Double Roller Slit Uncapper

  • Great single pass uncapping of Full Depth, WSP & Manley Frames
  • Huge time-saver - 20 frames uncapped in less than 5 minutes
  • Works in the field - no electricity or heat required
  • Breaks wax capping on both sides at the same time
  • Bee wax-rebuild is fast - typically 3 to 4 days
  • Minimal wax fines in extracted honey makes filtering / settling quicker cleaner
  • Rugged High-Density Polyethylene body
  • Solid one-piece shafts machined from pure aluminium
  • Can be attached to your container of choice.
  • SS Eyebolts hold-down bolts (2) included
  • SS Bolts (4) included for attachment to a tub shown below

Available Aust & New Zealand only

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