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Honeycomb Cutter Heated 10x10cm 220/240V - USA

  • Hand crafted in USA, the original electric heated cut comb cutter 10cm x 10cm (4" X 4").
  • Another amazing product by Pierce Beekeeping Equipment.
  • This is a perfect tool for professional and backyard beekeepers who produce cut combs.
  • With this tool, you no longer need to struggle to cut combs using old-style cold cutters and sticky surfaces.
  • The heated cutting blade makes cutting cut combs a breeze.
  • It cuts precisely the exact size of the cut comb every time.
  • It has a separate temperature controller that allows users to increase or decrease the temperature based on their experience in cutting combs.
  • It cut pieces fit perfectly in Beewise Honeycomb Section Container SKU: H2176
SKU#: H1268 In stock