• Continue feeding sugar or better still Beewise ProSweet, if hives are low on stores. Remember starvation is the most common cause for a hive to collapse, and when the bees run out of food their demise is quick.
  • Prepare frames and foundation to ensure they are at the ready to go once the flow starts.
  • Begin feeding Pollen supplements to ASSIST in building bee numbers. Don’t use the flow to build your hive.
  • Clean all equipment for the coming season.
  • Check stored equipment that may have been attacked by rodents, ants and other pests.
  • New equipment is invariably needed so best to secure this now so bees get your full ATTENTION once the spring flow commences.


  • Check feeders to ensure they are free of excess sugar crystals and general grime. If needed, remove the feeders, scrape and clean with warm soapy water.  If you are concerned about disease or fungus growing in the feeder, wash with a 1% solution of bleach (sodium hypochlorite), rinse with clean water.  Your squeaky-clean feeder is now ready to go back to work.
  • Continue feeding Beewise ProSweet if the hive stores are low.
  • Continue feeding with pollen supplements such as Beewise UltraPro.
  • If you plan to do splits, get the gear ready now and make arrangements to secure newly raised and mated Queens.
  • Swarming season is about to start so prepare your swarm traps and order your Beewise Swarm Boss
  • Double check that your equipment is ready for the coming spring and SUMMER season.