nucleus (nuc) & starter hives

Apimaye 10-Frame Starter Hive - 4 Frames Bees & Newly Raised mated tested queen plus 6 FD waxed frames - RTG


The 4-Frame Nuc is already installed in the APIMONDIA Gold Medal winning 10-Frame Apimaye Brood.
By eliminating the need for a Nuc Box you save $60.00.
Bees in the 10-Frame Apimaye hive will travel well, and develop more quickly.

  • Apimaye - 1st place winner in Beehive Innovations Award in Apimondia International Apicultural Congress.
  • Easiest bee hive to work with for both beginners and professional beekeepers.
  • Assembled and doesn't need to be painted.
  • Easy to open and inspect, move or feed the bees, and fighting small hive beetles.
  • Insulated to withstand extreme weather, and designed to prevent moisture buildup inside the beehive.
  • Bees can survive colder winters consuming less honey, and spring build up is much faster.
  • Standard features include screened bottom board perfect for fighting Varroa mite and small hive beetle; split hive entrance with entrance reducers, division/uniting board, pollen trap and 2 top feeders for left and right side of a split hive
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