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Konigin Pollen Dryer & Honey Warmer 5 drawers

Built to German engineering standards. 
Königin is a TÜV Rheinland Certified manufacturer.

Professional insulated pollen dryer cabinet. The pollen dryer is equipped with an LED light and a double-glazed thermally insulated door. The walls of the cabinet are insulated with polyester and covered with GLASBORD panel on the external surface. The Glasbord with Surfaseal® film finish is resistant to many chemicals, scratching and stains, very easy to clean. Glasbord is mold and mildew free. Perfect for use in areas where a sanitary and durable finish that meets food safety requirements is needed.

Uniform distribution of heat:

Heating element and cooling fans are placed on the side of the cabinet to optimize performance of the drying process. Warm air circulates evenly over each drawer.

Drying of the pollen:

  • Set the temperature to 40°C max. Recommended to start at 30°C and increase the temperature by 2°C every 4 hours until you reach the 40°C. max.

  •  For the first 30 minutes of drying the ventilation valves should be closed and then open them fully.

  • When turning up, the valve rotates clockwise, when turning side the valves open fully. For pollen drying it is necessary to open it fully.

  • The drying of the pollen takes about 12-24 hours.

Liquefying crystalized honey:

  • Set the temperature to 50°C max.

  • Close the ventilation valves.

  • On average it takes about 12-24 hours to decrystallize the honey.

DELIVERY: To nearest TOLL-IPEC or TNT Depot


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