ross round honey comb sections

Ross Round Comb End Clip (Pair)

Do you want to increase the value of your honey crop by about 30%?  The Double Decker Ross Round Comb is the answer!

Introducing the round comb clip, the round comb clip attaches 2 round comb frames together to perfectly fit in your standard full depth honey Super (deep).

The full depth box comfortably fits 8 paired up sets of round comb frames. How does this benefit you? Well round comb upfront capital cost tended to be high with you requiring a custom super, but having this clip you no longer need a custom super, metal springs etc you only need a full depth box which every beekeeper has.

Alternatively, you can also put in standard frames if you wish to have a 50:50 honey crop, 50 % liquid honey from your standard frame and the other 50% round comb honey or mix and match to your liking. A great way to increase your product range from the standard jarred honey with a cost-effective mechanism to also supply round comb. Differentiate yourself from your competition at a fraction of the normal cost.

Round Comb Clips (Pair) do not include the illustrated Round Comb Frame or the wood super.

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