Swarm Traps – Bee Prepared

Swarm Traps – Bee Prepared

10 August 2020

Swarming in Australia tends to start during late August. Swarming results in the loss of your bees and thus reduced production, unless you capture them!

Set Swarm Traps as follows:

  • Select a clean used 8-frame or 10-frame brood box be it wood or an Apimaye. NB: The trap needs to be ABOUT 40L – Nuc boxes are too small.
  • Apply 2 single sprays of Beewise Swarm Boss to the underside of the cover; and 2 single sprays of Beewise Swarm Boss on the base adjacent to the entrance. Don’t over-do the sprays as more is not better.
  • Insert new frames with wax foundation. If you use developed honey comb you are likely to attract wax moths.
  • Reduce entrance to about 10cm.
  • Place box at a location conspicuous to the bees at height of about 2 metres.
  • Lift the rear of the hive 1cm to ensure no water ingress.
  • Sniff the Swam Trap every 2 weeks and if Beewise Swarm Boss cannot be detected by nose, reapply as above.